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You Are Why We Move

When Victor and Victoria first came to Saskatchewan. They were fascinated by this beautiful place. So they decided to buy a house and settle down here. They hauled all their belonging all the way from China to Saskatoon. As they were excited and waiting for the movers to come by 9 am to unload their stuff….. 10am, no one showed up yet…. 11am still no one showed up yet…. 12am they try calling the manager but no one answers. Until 2 in the afternoon, they got a phone call from the manager to ask if it’s ok to reschedule…..

Victor was mad, very mad. But as an entrepreneur himself. He saw opportunity. That is where Saskatoon Movers come from. We dedicate on customer service. We take whatever we can to fulfill our customer.

We understand how stressful moving is. We try our best to make sure everything goes smooth for you. We don’t want what happened to Victor happens to every body.

We take pride of what we do.

Customers Are Talking

Gordon and Darcy…

I want to let you know that our move to Calgary went very well. Gordon was helpful and polite, answering numerous questions, providing advice and a fair quote. Darcy was great keeping us up to date on the status of our pick-up and delivery. The fellows who made the Saskatoon pick-up were professional and did a great job dis-assembling and protecting our furniture and other goods. Everyone I dealt with was helpful, pleasant and friendly resulting in a stress free move. Well done! I would highly recommend Saskatoon Movers.

Laura Hasein

Laura Hasein

Saskatoon Movers was great when I needed help moving. I had a lot of stuff moving out on my own and they made it easy. Very professional and fast. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is moving. It was a great experience and next time I move I will book them again.

Kelsey Penner

Kelsey Penner

GREAT Pleasant young guys!!! I can’t speak for anybody else, but our move went great. They wrapped everything, did what they said they would. Were friendly to my family and I we were just overall pleased. We used other guys and these guys were night and day better.

Brad Pace

Brad Pace

our work

Why People

Choose Us?

We value so much on customer services. No one, in the world will promise nothing will break during a move, accident happens. But we try our best to cover everything and fulfill our customers, even that means we are loosing money.

We know that you, the customer are why we are still here